Product information

I am 29 years old, 185lbs (84 kg), and want to gain weight. What is the best product for me?

What do you think about Deca, Susta, D-bol, Winny, etc?

Are drugs from identical to the drugs that I purchase from my local pharmacy?

What is the difference between a brand name drug and a generic drug?

Shipping information

Do you ship to United States of America or EU (European Union)?

Do you ship to Australia, New Zealand and Canada?

How do you pack your shipments?

How do you ship your shipments?

Can you ship by courier service?

Do I have to sign for the shipment?

Do you ship to P.O. Box, FPO address, APO address?

Are there any additional charges such as prescription fees, taxes etc.?

How much am I charged for shipping?

I’ve placed my order two weeks ago and it still didn’t arrive! What do I do?

I received only one portion of the items I ordered! Did you scam me?

If I place my order today, when will I actually receive my order?

Legal information

Do I need prescription to buy with pharmacy?

Are pharmaceuticals/anabolic steroids Legal in my country?

I have lost my prescription and the customs seized my order. What can I do? information

What is

I expect an email from you but didn’t receive it?

What I should know about (recommended read)?

Will I receive exactly the brand and item that I have ordered?

What are pharmacy hours of operation?

What currency are your prices in? Why do the prices in some currencies change?

Do you offer payment or quantity discounts?

Do you accept any other payment methods in addition to the ones listed?

I have problems with the shopping with!

Do you offer medical advice?

Do you offer prescription online?

What is the Minimum order I can make?

How do I know you are not a scammer?

I have already ordered, but I want to change the products I have ordered!

I want to change the payment method for my order!

What happens after I place my order – what are next steps?

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