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What I should know about

First off all please understand this is a business like any other and as such there are certain rules we need to adhere to.

Listing all the rules would be tedious for you but here are the basics.

We operate under legal supervision and all transactions must be legal on our side – for that reason we require you to agree to our terms before placing an order.

By placing an order you agree to our terms of business.

So please make sure you read the terms and conditions.

Please do understand that we can legally sell and export the medicine we sell, but import of the ordered products is the responsibility of the customer.

We will do everything in our power to ensure the privacy of our customers, but ultimately it is the customers responsibility to obey the rules set in the country he/she resides in and that the import of products is legal. takes no responsibility.

We guarantee your order will be shipped in a timely fashion; in case an item is off stock or on back order we will contact you and change the order according to your wishes.

Once the package is shipped we have little control over its delivery.

We monitor package delivery all the time and customer feedback is very important in this respect, but ultimately it really depends on the postal service.

We use different shipping locations depending on where the ordered item is available.

We generally ship items from locations with the fastest delivery to a given country.

However, some items are only available in a single location so there we have no choice.

Shipping time depends on where an item is shipped from and where it is going.

Also, postal services of different countries work differently and again that means difference in delivery.

Generally, shipping time is 10-14 days, but this is mainly an estimate based on average delivery time.

As was said above, we cannot import the products for you.

In most countries it is legal to import medicine for personal use without prescription.

However the restrictions and quantities vary from country to country so please check your local legislative before placing an order.

In most cases there are no problems, but you are still expected to have proper papers for import.

If a package is stopped at customs, each country has different policy on what to do with a stopped package.

In most cases the customs will stop the package and send a notice to the addressee.

Unfortunately this may take from 1 week to 2 months.

Some customs will simply seize a package without sending even a notice, and others will send a package back to sender.

This makes it very hard to identify and deal with a problem – in such cases it will require some patience to overcome the problem.

In case of any problems we will try to solve them on individual basis – most issues can and will be solved, but they do require good will and patience on all sides.

In case of a problem please contact us.

NoRX-Pharma.comis far from perfect, some problems will present themselves, and we do make errors.

We are aware of it, and we are working hard to improve all our faults.

However, some problems are out of our hands.

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